Louis Margot

pursuing the limit

Who is Louis Margot

Originating from Morges in Switzerland, Louis Margot, is a 30-year-old adventurer at heart and an accomplished athlete. After years of practicing rowing at the international level and undertaking long cycling expeditions, he decides to follow his impulse and embark on the extraordinary challenge called “Human Impulse”.

His sporting career

Sports has always been more than a passion for Louis, it is a necessity. After a few years of practicing judo, he joins the Forward Rowing Club of Morges at the age of 13. It is through starting rowing that he discovers his desire to push his limits.

After winning his first medal at the Swiss Championships in 2008, everything quickly falls into place as he is selected for the Swiss national team, followed by a world title at the Junior World Championships (Czech Republic, 2010) in the men’s four event.

Several years later, his studies at Cambridge provided him with the opportunity to join the legendary Cambridge University Boat Club and participate in the Boat Race, an annual event held in London that opposes Cambridge and Oxford.

Continuously seeking sporting challenges, he also develops a passion for cycling. He embarks on several long journeys, including one that takes him all the way to Istanbul. It is during this journey of over 3000 km that the idea of taking on an even more incredible challenge came to his mind.

Rowing Career

World Champion Title
Regional Champion Titles (Champion Romand)
Medals at the Swiss Championships
Iconic Race with Cambridge

More than just an sporting career

Colombier Primary School, Beausobre College, and Marcelin Gymnasium shaped his compulsory education journey. He decides to pursue his studies in mechanical engineering at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), with a third year of Bachelor’s degree in Australia at the University of Sydney.

With a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in hand, he enrolls for an additional year of studies at the University of Cambridge, where he obtains a Master’s degree in Nuclear Energy.

Upon returning to Switzerland, Louis ventures into the field of solar energy, taking on roles such as project manager in the industry.

Cycling Achievements

Hours for the Tour du Léman
km as a daily record
km to Istanbul
Serpentine of Kotor

"My athletic journey has led me to the project: Human Impulse. I want to transmit and share the pursuit of a human impulse, a deep need. It's an opportunity to engage the youth, inspire them to move and follow their own impulse!"

-Louis Margot