Stage 1

Morges → Portimão


An incredible journey

On September 3rd at 10:35 AM, Louis Margot embarked on the first stage of his human-powered journey around the world from Morges, Switzerland.

Accompanied by three other cyclists, Louis continued his journey that took them through magnificent landscapes in France, Spain, and all the way to Portugal. They traveled on a mix of national roads, dirt paths, and even a few daring kilometers on the highway.

After 25 days and covering more than 2400 km, they arrived in Portimao, allowing Louis to complete this first leg of the adventure. Although the road was dotted with a few flat tires, the journey was a real success and there were no major problems.

The numbers

km cycled
Flat tires
Countries travelled

The GPS route

Our interactive calendar invites you to follow each stage of his bike journey from Morges to Portimao. Click on a specific day to unfold a detailed GPS route, faithfully retracing Louis’s journey. For data enthusiasts and the curious, a direct link to Louis’s Strava activity is available, allowing you to dive into the details of his daily performances.

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