Visiting students in the Case-Pilote school in Martinique


One week ago, Louis had the opportunity to present his project to the 150 students of the school in Case-Pilote, a charming little town located in the north of Martinique.

Before beginning his presentation, Louis attended the morning dance organized by the school to allow the students to let off steam before starting their day of classes. It was a captivating moment.

In the outdoor courtyard, he shared his adventures with the young students, who were very curious and asked many questions. The children’s questions were remarkably original and led to numerous bursts of laughter and moments of wonder, especially when the topic of toilets on board his boat was discussed.

Upon his departure, Louis was honored with a guard of honor, a gesture that underscored the emotional impact of his visit to a region that rarely receives visitors, as most activities are concentrated in the south of the island. This event was particularly significant for the students, who felt valued and taken into consideration.

Moved by the warm welcome from the students and the school staff, Louis deeply thanks them for their enthusiasm in welcoming the project, which aims to inspire young people to pursue their own passions.

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